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SHG has grown by building relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs. Highlights of our experience include the following:

Investment Business Description Stage at Engagement
Southwest Harvard Group Asset Managment, Inc.
Phoenic, AZ

Hispanic-owned FDIC / RTC contractor for Real Estate and Financial Instrument Asset Management Start-up, first-stage active venture management
Trinity Financial Services, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Hispanic-owned FDIC / RTC financial systems management and staffing / outsourcing contractor. Start-up, first-stage active venture management
Commercial Mortgage Asset Corporation, Inc. (COMMAC)
Wash, D.C.
Commercial real estate mortgage securitization conduit Start-up, first-stage active venture management
Corella Electric Wire & Cable, Inc. (CEWC)
Phoenix, AZ

Largest Hispanic-owned telecommunications manufacturing company in the United States SHGCP partners oversaw the financing and construction of a 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Revenues grew to $40 million within 4 years of investment. Highly profitable 10-year contract flows to SHGCP partners
Valor Telecommunications, Inc.
Irving, TX

Hispanic-owned buy-out of GTE rural subscriber local exchange operations in Texas and New Mexico Acquisition passive venture investment through CEWC
Quepasa.com, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

Spanish-language Internet portal and online community targeting the U.S. Hispanic market First-stage, active venture management through concurrent IPO

Industry/Experience Wheel