Southwest Harvard Group works with both Fortune 500 Companies & MBE's and is continually seeking new portfolio candidates. By investing from $500,000 to $10 million or more and actively serving on the company's Board of Directors, SHG partners with entrepreneurs to help their organizations reach market viability or prepare for rapid growth.

For entrepreneurs and companies that would like to be considered for funding, SHG employs the following approach:

What do we look for? We typically invest in markets and industry sectors we understand: Minority Business Enterprises (MBE's) and/or Hispanic Market Expansion. We look for business plans with the potential for rapid growth in addressable markets of at least $300 million. While we look for strong, aggressive teams with a rational approach to the opportunities they are pursuing, our hands-on investment style enables us to work with promising teams and ideas that are in the early stage of development. We prefer to invest in companies headquartered in the Southwest United States.

SHG may achieve its investment objectives by investing in a variety of transactions, including:

  1. Growth Situations, where MBE's or companies that target the U.S. Hispanic market and have built strong product or service platforms foresee increasing customer demand and require growth capital to pursue geographic expansion, accelerate marketing or development activities or fund working capital needs associated with growth.
  2. Industry consolidations, in which a new company is formed or a growing company is led by an accomplished management team intending to grow the company through acquisitions, thereby developing a regional or national platform.
  3. Middle Market Leveraged Buyouts or Management Buyouts, where a conglomerate or a family owns a profitable and scaleable MBE business and/or caters to the U.S. Hispanic Domestic Emerging Market, but does not have the skills, capital or desire to aggressively expand to reach its potential market.
  4. Joint Ventures with Latin American companies that have strong brands or successful business models, where such Latin American companies have already expanded successfully in the U.S. but lack capital and U.S. know-how to expand further within the U.S. Hispanic Domestic Emerging Market.

How do we work? SHG typically takes a lead position in its portfolio companies, supporting the management team as a constructive and responsible member of the company's Board of Directors. Additionally, we may take key line management roles to immerse ourselves in the business and provide hands-on leadership. Because of this approach, we function as close partners and are always available to provide guidance on strategic direction, hiring, market positioning and financial management.